What are luxury chocolates?

Luxury refers to something which is not necessary in life, but is greatly desired and is hard to obtain either due to price of scarcity. Chocolate is unfortunately not a necessity in life but is highly desirable for many. Some chocolate is hard to source, but in the main the term luxury chocolates would apply to high priced, expensive chocolate.

What are luxury chocolates made from?

Luxury chocolates can be expensive due to cocoa content or due to the workmanship that goes into producing them. The best chocolate will have the finest ingredients in it and the proof is in the tasting. Luxury chocolates will have a different colour, texture, smell and taste to run of the mill chocolate that you can buy en-masse in supermarkets and convenience stores.

f you were to undergo a blindfold tasting of factory produced cheap truffles and the luxurious top end French truffles, there would be a noticeable difference in the taste and texture.

What type of chocolate is the best chocolate?

Luxury chocolates can be made with all types of chocolate. Milk chocolate, although the most common chocolate to be found in supermarkets, can be used to create some of the best chocolate treats.

White chocolate is not most people’s idea of the best chocolate, but the colour and texture offers a great contrasting chocolate to swirl in with milk chocolate to make beautiful luxury chocolates fit for a princess. In fact, white chocolate is a fabulous way to create some visionary chocolate delights and allows the skilled chocolatier some real fun.

Dark chocolate should not be discounted either. Yes it can be bitter and yes it may seem a little harsh on the taste buds, but luxury chocolates would not be possible without dark chocolate. The rich, deep flavour is unique to dark chocolate and it is the best chocolate to complement many other foods and drinks.


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