Make a birthday special with chocolate hampers

Chocolate hampers are fantastic gifts. Whether it is for a birthday, Christmas, anniversary, get well soon token or just as a thank you, a hamper is a lovely way to send your love.

Where to buy gift baskets?

America has a huge gift basket business. Employers regularly use gift basket companies to send presents to their employees. The choice of actual basket and contents are varied and you can mix and match to get the perfect gift basket for your recipient. A nice chocolate hamper does not have to be a boring, safe gift without much thought.

Choosing the type of hamper, the items to send in it and, with some companies, the ribbon and wrap used takes thought and can make gift baskets a lovely personal present. Gift baskets are also great for sending to friends and family who live geographically far away.

Choosing chocolate hampers

The UK does have gift basket companies and the business is developing and growing rapidly. Chocolate hampers are becoming more popular as a present you can choose online and send to your choice of recipient. Some of the larger chocolate shops will be able to prepare gorgeous chocolate baskets for you to purchase there and then.

What to put in chocolate hampers

Deciding what to actually put in the baskets is the fun part! Companies do not only have chocolates – anything that complements the chocolates can be available from balloons and teddies, to coffee and marshmallows.

What type of chocolates?

This would really depend on the preferences of the recipient. If they love a particular strawberry dark chocolate and you can source this, it makes the present so much more touching. If you do not know what chocolates they enjoy, you have two options. One is to play it safe and go for simple milk chocolates. Or you could organise a mix of milk, white and dark chocolate and make a dynamite basket that will hit the spot!


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