What makes Belgian chocolates so desirable?

Belgian chocolates have world-wide fame. Synonymous with luxury and quality, Belgian chocolates are the chocolate to buy. So why is the chocolate considered the best chocolate to buy?

Belgian chocolates uncovered

Belgian chocolates are the best chocolate due to the ingredients used. There is no magic formula or secret recipes. The popularity is simply due to finest ingredients, an old recipe that has been used for many years and the Belgian’s dedication to the craft.

One of the key points is that the Belgians actually eat and give the chocolate their country produces to each other. So many countries seem to have exports that their own people do not eat or drink (the Australians for example are adamant Fosters is not their choice of beverage!), so for the country to use a lot of their products is a great testimonial.

What are Belgian chocolates made from?

The Belgians are skilled chocolatiers. Their world renowned Belgian pralines come in dark chocolate, white chocolate or milk chocolate. The best chocolate is used to create some sensual taste explosions and really ignite the taster’s taste buds.

How can I make Belgian chocolates?

There are lots of recipes online and some of the chefs like Jamie Oliver will have specific sections in their cook books to help you make the best Belgian pralines. They will help you get the best dark chocolate and explain the right cocoa content to have. White chocolate has a slightly different consistency and chefs will advise you on how to melt it down correctly to keep the flavour.

Dark chocolate and bitterness

Dark chocolate can be very bitter. The trick is to use other ingredients to complement this bitterness. Dark chocolate is a gorgeously rich chocolate which will bring out more flavour in white chocolate when used together.


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