Advent Calendar This modern, bold advent calendar is made up of simple blocks of colour - each containing 24 edible goodies - from chocolate to marshmallows to silver sugared almonds. If you think you'll feel like an over-stuffed pillow on Christmas day and too full to enjoy some chocolate - then pace yourself perfectly with one treat a day for the lead up to Christmas! Contains: Salted Praline, Salted Feuillantine, Tonka Feuillantine, Marzipan Log, Rocher Milk, chocolate covered Marshmallow, Pate de Fruit, Sugar coated almond, Plain Milk Chocolate, Milk Chocolate with Coconut, Chocolate Caramel and Vanilla Caramel. Ingredients: Milk chocolate(Ingredients: Milk Chocolate 35% min (cocoa butter, whole milk powder 23% min, sugar, cocoa solids, vanilla extract, soya lecithin, barley malt extract), Marshmallow (trimoline,sugar,gelatine)salted praline(dark chocolate 66%, praline paste, sea salt whole hazel nut)Salted sq,(milk chocolate 35% praline paste, fulletine, sea salt)Tonka sq(milk chocolate 35%, praline paste, fulletine, tonka beans)Marzipan log(dark chocolate66%,almond paste, orange confit,cinnamon)rocher milk(milk chocolate 35%, almond, sugar, vanilla,orange confit)almond dragee(almond, sugar, color)milk chocolate disk and coconut(milk chocolate(35%)desiccated coconut) vanilla caramel(sugar,glucose,cream,butter, honey,vanilla) chocolate caramel(sugar, glucose, dream, butter,100%dark chocolate, soya lecithin)

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