There are several gifts that you can give to someone all year round, to anyone – especially if they like chocolates by post. The bus driver who drives a chocolate bus, the dinner lady who serves a chocolate lunch, Uncle Chocolate, Mummy Chocolate, the chocolate business colleague and two such gifts are chocolates and the other, chocolate flowers.

Ha Ha! This isn’t just the house of chocolates, this is the crazy house of chocolates, we love chocolates whether they’re from Belgium or Brazil, Harrods or Hamleys. If we could live in a real house of chocolates on a chocolate hill, with a chocolate dog in a chocolate world, we would be rolling in chocolate mud all night long! I think we are!

Chocolates and chocolate flowers go hand in hand which is why whether received in person or whether you’re buying chocolates online and sending chocolates by post, chocolates, boxes of chocolates, hampers or small chocolate gift boxes can make the receiver very happy indeed.

Luxury Chocolate Gifts By Post And Fair Trade Chocolates

Welcome to the true home of chocolate, the house of chocolates, we search endlessly around the internet and in the UK for the best chocolates on offer, from luxury chocolates and gifts by post to buying chocolate responsibly and offering fair trade chocolates too, ensuring not only the person receiving the chocolate gift is happy but the people who make them also. We offer happy chocolate! We are the happy house of chocolates!

There are a great many chocolates on offer all year round from specialist chocolate shops and chocolatiers to well known supermarkets, online chocolate shops and high street retailers. At THE HOUSE OF CHOCOLATES we find all the chocolates for sale and link to them via our very own shop with brands like Cadburys and Nestle to luxury chocolate brands such as Charbonnel And Walker, Godiva, Ackermans, Neuhaus, Crown Royale, Duchy and Kosher.

Chocolate Hampers And Cheap Chocolates By Post

Year after year there’s always a suitable excuse or occasion to give someone a really great but easy to choose gift, chocolates are great for birthdays, anniversaries, weddings, divorces, valentines day, Easter, Christmas, you name it chocolates are perfect for almost any occasion and with that in mind – especially Christmas, we have at THE HOUSE OF CHOCOLATES a wide variety of chocolate hampers and other cheap chocolates by post.

Chocolates come in different sizes and shapes, different tastes and flavours, with alcohol, with extra milk, low fat, low sugar, low cocoa content, containing nuts or chocolates with fruit. Both commercially made chocolates by machines and homemade chocolates to handmade chocolates, rolled on the thigh of a beautiful Cuban woman – yes chocolate cigarettes too!

Chocolates come in more varieties than Heinz with milk chocolates, dark chocolates, white chocolates, chocolate truffles, caramel chocolates, gluten and wheat free chocolates, Dairy Free Chocolates,
Sugar Free Chocolates, Fresh Cream Truffles, drinking chocolate and maybe even one day Heinz Chocolate Soup.

Send Chocolates Online And Personalised Chocolates By Post

You can send chocolates online to anybody and personalised chocolates too, send chocolates by post for diabetics, chocolates by post for vegans, for vegetarians, for people who don’t like Christmas, for people who love Christmas, you may even buy chocolates online and leave them next to that glass of whisky (or milk) and mince pie by the chimney on Christmas Eve.

Chocolate is made with everyone in mind, and there is a chocolate out there waiting for you right now in THE HOUSE OF CHOCOLATES, so dive in and look for your favourite, will it be pralines, marzipan, whisky or a truffle? we can’t wait to find out!!


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